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1. Meteorology

Main research areas: crop meteorology, agricultural microclimate, the impact of climate change on agriculture, sunlight and temperature ecology of crops, simulation mode of agricultural meteorology, regional temperature,etc.

2. Physiology

Main research areas: plant growth and regulation, plant stress-resistance physiology, environmental physiology, nutrition physiology, crop yield and quality physiology, plant photosynthesis and metabolism, culture techniques and application of cells and tissues, etc.

3. Microbiology

Main research areas: insecticidal microorganism, nitrogen-fixing microorganism, streptomyces and antibiotic, cyanobacteria genomes and functional genomes, plant-fungal interactions, etc.

4. Developmental biology

Main research areas: molecular ecology, evolutionary ecology, plant ecology, crop physiological ecology, incest ecology, agricultural ecology, landscape ecology, restoration ecology, soil ecology, ecology engineering, aquatic ecology, etc.

5. Crop cultivation and farming system

Main research areas: high yielding, premium and efficient physiological foundation, efficient and sustainable farming system, crop growth and chemical regulation, crop ecosystem management, etc.

6. Crop genetic improvement

Main research areas: comparative advantage theory and applied research of crop heterosis, innovation of germplasm resources and utilization research, plant cell and chromosome engineering research, applied studies on molecular genetics and biological techniques, etc.

7. Special plant breeding and cultivation

Main research areas: assessment of special plant resources, development and utilization of special plant, the physiological and ecological basis of special plant, introduction and acclimatization of special plant, selective breeding of new varieties, the growth and developmental characteristics and regulation of special plant, etc.

8. Crop biotechnology

The research mainly focused on genetic and development mechanism through the usage of molecular biology and modern biotechnology.

9. Safe production of plant products and quality management

The research mainly focused on the theories, methods and technology of the safety and quality management of plant products.

10.   Plant Pathology

The study mainly focused on plant disease control, plant physiological pathology, plant breeding for disease resistance and vegetable disease. And main research directions are integrated management of plant disease, molecular plant pathology, plant breeding for disease resistance.

11.   Agricultural Entomology and Pest Control

Main research areas: animal (insect) immunology, insect taxonomy, parasitology, animal (insect) ecology, entomoresology, urban entomology, insect ethology, insect molecular biology, integrated insect management, etc.

12.   Pesticide science

Main research areas: synthesis and analysis of pesticide, pesticide residue and environmental toxicology, pesticide toxicology and resistance, biogenic pesticide, etc.

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