Shishan Appointment -- Discussion with Professor Kenichi Tsuda


At 9:30 a.m. on the morning of October 26, "Shishan Appointment -- Discussion with Professor Kenichi Tsuda " went smoothly in C611 of College of Plant Science and Technology. Professor Kenichi Tsuda briefly introduced his research field and relevant cutting-edge scientific knowledge. Then he guided students to learn and find problems by themselves, and solve problems by consulting materials and communicating with teachers. He welcomed students to communicate with him and visit his lab more often.

It is reported that Professor Kenichi Tsuda is a well-known Japanese plant immunology expert introduced to our school with high-level talents in 2019. He is mainly engaged in the research on the structure and dynamics of plant immune network. During the epidemic, he stayed in Wuhan and expressed confidence that the epidemic would be over as soon as possible with effective prevention and control measures.


Translated byLi Mingxue


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