Inaugural Ceremony for Wheat Improvement and Innovation Team

On the morning of September 24, the inaugural ceremony for the wheat improvement and innovation team of the Plant Science and Technology College was held in the conference room of the third comprehensive building. Professor Zhengning Zhu, secretary of the human resources department of our school, Xiong Zhou, secretary of the party committee of the College of Plant Science and Technology, and Professor Jianbing Yan, the dean of the College of Plant Science and Technology, attended the meeting.

Professor Wei Chen gave a speech on the current team development plan. He suggested that as a young team, the short-term goal of the wheat team was to improve the efficient and shared public basic research platform, including rapid breeding, germplasm resources, data analysis, multi-omics and genetic transformation, and that the medium-term and long-term goal was to actively analyze the genetic basis of wheat yield, quality and stress resistance, to produce a series of healthy and safe green fortified wheat varieties, and to build a leading domestic and international wheat research center characterized by the promotion of special nutritional quality.

Zhengning Zhu, Xiong Zhou and Jianbing Yan jointly unveiled the  nameplate for wheat improvement and innovation team. Zhengning Zhu shared with teachers and students three feelings from the growth of the wheat team. First, he thanked the wheat industry pioneers for laying the foundation. Second, he was being moved by the scientific researchers who were still struggling in the front line. Third, he expressed his gratitude that the times had given everyone a sense of mission. As a new team, the wheat team should always be grateful to make contributions to the development of national agriculture. Xiong Zhou said the development of a team needed to be understood and supported in an all-round way, and the team and the leading group should exchange needs and solve practical problems based on the actual problems of the team.

At the meeting, Professor Dongfa Sun reviewed his experience in wheat crop research and put forward some suggestions for the development of wheat team. He said that he hoped that the team teachers and students could be hard-working, dedicated, active, and would build an excellent team. Caixia Lan introduced the management regulations of the team from two aspects, the training system of graduate students and the system of team operation.  The postdoctoral representative Anting Zhu and Dr. Shunda Li, communicate their feelings with team teachers and students according to their own experience.

Jianbing Yan made a concluding speech. He suggested that the wheat team should have ideals, be full of confidence, work hard for common goals, do something but not everything, so as to unite all forces and make the team bigger and stronger. "We should think more about what we can do for the agricultural development of our country and what we can do for the wheat industry in the world." he said.

It is reported that the wheat improvement and innovation team was set up in 2018. There are five professors and one lecturer in the team currently with an average age of 35. The team is mainly engaged in multi-group research of wheat, using metabolic group, ion group and lipid group and other advanced means to carry out genetic improvement of high quality green wheat.




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