The College of Plant Science And Technology Held The Seminar on the Construction of Online Open Courses

On the afternoon of May 18th, the college held a seminar on the construction of online open courses in the conference room of the third floor of the main building. Xiao Xiangping, deputy director of academic affairs, Cao Minhui, associate professor of the college of science, representatives and teachers of online open courses and the experts of teaching supervision attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Vice Premier Zhu Longfu.

Zhu Longfu believed that they would soon teach college students who has grown up with the Internet. They were all Internet advisors. How to integrate the Internet into teaching and personnel training was a subject that we all had to deal with. The online open course was a necessary supplement to our current curriculum and teaching form in order that students could make full use of the Internet and expanded the access to professional knowledge.

General Entomology charged by Zhou Xingmiao was selected as the first batch of National quality online open courses in 2017. He introduced the main process and requirements of MOOC construction which were characterized by continuous renewal and improvement. Updating about 20% of the curriculum every year put forward higher requirements for teachers to prepare lessons. It also made the curriculum reflect the development of the subject in time. “Miao” was a nickname of Zhou Xingmiao given by students. It reflected that the MOOC required teachers to care about their students.

Cao Minhui, a teacher of the National quality online open course shared the experience in the construction and application of Organic Chemistry B. She said that the preparation of video recording should be as concise as possible. While recording video, we should strive for the vividness of the lecture process. She said: "In class, we focus on explaining the common problems in the pre-class discussion reports of students and let students expand their discussions." The enthusiastic speeches and discussions in the classroom of Cao Minhui has been praised many times by the teachers of the teaching steering group.

Affirming the construction and application of online open courses, the teaching steering group also put forward a lot of pertinent opinions and suggestions. The teacher Rong Xiulan believed that the good discussion class should put time and energy on the understanding and solution of the main and difficult problems. "The construction of the online open course is necessary. Each subject should select several core courses to give full play to the leading role of demonstration. It is also good for improving the quality of talent training." The teacher Li Hesheng said in an impulse.

As a production of the combination of Internet and higher education, online open courses break the space-time limit of education and subvert the traditional ways of teaching and learning in universities. It is reported that on the basis of 490 state-level online open courses in 2017, the Ministry of Education plans to identify 10,000 state-level and 10,000 provincial top-grade online and offline courses by 2020, so as to implement the "Double Ten thousand Plan" which is made for the construction of first-class courses and to promote the development and utilization of high-quality curricular resources. The next 3 to 5 years will be the key period of the construction of MOOC in China.

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