Teachers of our College Went to Zaoyang to Help the Peach Tree Growers

On May 2th, 2018, Luo Chaoxi, the Pathology Professor of Plant Science and Technology College of HZAU received an urgent phone call. On the phone is Luo Kaixin, a peach grower in Zaoyang. Recently, he discovered an uncontrollable disease spreading in the field. At the same time, Zhang Zongfeng, a peach grower in Taiping Town of Zaoyang called too. His peach trees which were nearly 1000 acres also had the same problem.

On the morning of the second day, Professor Luo Chaoxi, Professor Xu Wenxing and graduate students in peach disease research drove to Zaoyang. In the peach orchard, they can see that germs have spread on the leaves. Through careful analyses of the disease, it was identified as Bacterial Perforation, which has been very serious in Zaoyang in recent years. And the estimated loss reached nearly 500 million yuan in 2017. For prudence, the graduate students collected samples and returned to school for further identification. Professor Luo Chaoxi gave detailed preventive measures to the growers.

At around three p.m., teachers and students rushed to Zhang Zongfeng's home in Tanghe Town. According to the situation, two teachers suggested changing pesticides and treating it immediately. They also explained the occurrence regularities and detailed prevention and cure methods of the disease.

Teachers and students began to drive back until night. They felt glad to help the growers, but they also worried about how to entirely remove the disease in Zaoyang.


Writer: Zhou Yang

Reviewer: Luo Chaoxi Xu Wenxing

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