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Notice on Matters Related to Postgraduate Thesis Defense and Degree Award in the Second Half of 2020

According to the requirements of the Graduate School Degree Office "Notice on Matters Concerning the Blind Evaluation, Defense and Degree Award of Postgraduate Thesis in the Second Half of 2020", our school plans to hold a plenary meeting of the college degree evaluation subcommittee on December 10, 2020. In order to ensure the smooth convening of this conference, the following is the notice regarding the postgraduate dissertation defense and degree award work in the second half of this year:


   1.Time requirements for defense

Please complete the postgraduate thesis defense before December 4 and submit complete defense materials to the college.


2. Qualification review before defense

A. When you are applying for defense, the credits of graduate courses have been completed, and the published papers should meet the "Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Degree Awarding of Huazhong Agricultural University" and the "Administrative Measures for the Basic Requirements for Academic Postgraduates of the College of Plant Science and Technology for the Scientific Research Achievements (Trial)" (See attachment) and pass the academic misconduct test and blind review of the paper.

B. Qualification review of degree applicants, including basic personal information of applicants (name, category, major, tutor), training links (credits, personal training plan, full-time professional degree graduate practice teaching, opening report, topic Inspection, academic report records), scientific research results, social practice, paper publication, etc.

C. All doctoral students majoring in crop genetics and breeding and crop biotechnology as well as other majors enrolled after Grade 2017 (including) must pass the doctoral qualification examination.

D. Academic report record check: Master students (including academic and professional) participate in no less than 5 academic reports each year, and doctoral students participate in no less than 10 academic reports each year. Among them, graduate students (including academic and professional) participate in the high-end crop science forum and the agriculture, rural areas and peasantry forum no less than 4 times a year, and doctoral students participate in the high-end crop science forum and the agriculture, rural areas and peasantry forum no less than 8 times a year. Appraisal of the scope of students: Ph.D., academic masters from Grade 2016, and professional masters from Grade 2017. There is no requirement for postponed students in higher grades: joint training students, in-service professional masters of agricultural extension. International students are not required academic report assessment requirements. Active participation in the report is encouraged.

3. Method of reply

The offline defense method is uniformly adopted.

In case of an epidemic, the defense of a graduate degree thesis can be conducted by remote video defense. For specific requirements, please refer to the "Huazhong Agricultural University's Dissertation Remote Video Defense Work Specification (Provisional)" and "Detailed Explanation of the Dissertation Remote Video Defense" (see attachment).

4. Defense approval process

A. Submit an application. Graduate students who apply for defense should submit the paper version of "Huazhong Agricultural University Postgraduate Application Thesis Defense Review Form" (see attachment, signature of supervisor), published results and academic report records to Office B318 of Sanzhang at least 5 working days before Deadline: November 25, no application for defense will be processed after the deadline.

B. Submit the defense announcement. At least 5 working days before the defense of the dissertation, the graduate school and college will make an online announcement of the defense information. The postgraduate students who intend to defend will submit their defense information online through the "Graduate Integrated Management System"-"Dissertation Defense Announcement", and the college's teaching secretary will make a unified online announcement after review.

Note: In the column of "Main Academic Achievements", you need to list all the results that meet the requirements, and list all the authors of each result (participants or authors in the scientific research results cannot be the defense committee member).


The defense secretary must organize a pre-defense at least one day in advance, and clarify the defense process and precautions.

6. Material submission

Defense Secretary:

A. The defense secretary shall send the electronic version of "Summary of Defense Information of Graduated Graduate School" to hzauzky@vip.163.com at least 5 working days before the defense.

B. "Thesis Defense Score Sheet": After the committee members have scored, the paper version score sheet will be scanned into a PDF electronic version and submitted.

C. "Voting Sheet": After the committee members vote, scan the paper version of the score sheet into a PDF electronic version and submit it.

D. "Defense Record": The electronic version is archived after the defense secretary signs, and the paper version is scanned into a PDF electronic version and submitted.

E. "Resolution of Defense": The electronic version is archived after the chairman of the defense signs, and the paper version is scanned into a PDF electronic version for submission.

F. International students must submit the "Remuneration Form for Postgraduate Students Studying in Huazhong Agricultural University" and the defense announcement.

G. Please refer to the attachment for related forms and requirements. All materials that need to be submitted in electronic version are sent to hzauzky@vip.163.com.

Student: (All forms that need to be signed must be submitted after signing)

A. Download the "Graduation Registration Form" (in-service masters and Ph.Ds with equivalent academic ability do not need to fill in) and "Degree Registration Form", A3 paper with binding along the seam, each in two copies. the students themselves fill in the personal information and post photos.


①The party organization appraisal opinion is filled out by the student by contacting the party branch secretary, and the course study review opinion is entered into the graduate integrated system for inquiry and filling, and the part that needs to be stamped is unified after submission.

②The title of the dissertation in the "Degree Registration Form" may be revised during the defense process, so it is recommended to fill it out after the defense.

③"Graduation Registration Form" and "Degree Registration Form" please refer to the instructions on the homepage to fill in.

④ The signature of the defense chairman in the "Degree Registration Form": If the defense resolution is pasted, the defense chairman must be reminded to sign by sewing; otherwise it will be invalid (according to previous years' experience, there are more errors in this place).

B. Within 1-2 working days after the defense, submit all the defense materials (check the list posted on the outside of the defense material bag-see attachment, sorted in order) to B318 of the third comprehensive building for face-to-face review. If it fails, it will not be accepted. And it  will no longer be received after December 4th.

C. Dissertation submission: 2 copies of Ph.D. (including Ph.D. of equivalent academic ability), 1 copy each of full-time academic master, full-time professional degree master, and on-the-job agricultural extension master. The deadline is December 10.

D. Send the electronic version of the materials: degree thesis (PDF and word format), graduation registration form, degree registration form, degree information registration form (the degree information registration form is divided into several categories, such as Doctor of Education, Master of Education, Master of Professional Degree, etc., please choose the correct one) and send it to hzauzky@vip.163.com. The deadline is December 10th.

E. Receiving graduation certificate and degree certificate: With the "Tutor Confirmation of Leaving School" (all signatures and seals are complete, in addition to the tutor's signature, the students of the rape research team also need the official seal of the National Rapeseed Engineering Technology Research Center and Director Xiong Qiufang’s signature) for collection, the specific time and place will be notified separately.

F. See the attachment for related forms and requirements.

7. Matters needing attention

A. School-level confidential dissertations must participate in the blind evaluation and copy comparison test before the defense. The confidential dissertations must not be disclosed to the public in any form during the confidentiality period, and they cannot participate in various evaluation activities at all levels.

B. Degree applicants report the main content of the thesis. Masters and doctoral students report time is 30 and 40 minutes respectively.

C. Members of the defense committee and guests ask questions, and the degree applicant responds. The reply adopts an acute reply, that is, after each questioner has asked the question, the respondent should answer it immediately; after the answer, the next person will ask the question. Masters' and doctoral students' question and reply time should be at least 30 and 60 minutes respectively.

D. The master's degree thesis defense committee is composed of 3-5 professors, associate professors or experts with corresponding professional titles, and the doctoral degree defense committee is composed of at least 5 professors or experts with equivalent professional titles.

E. The composition of the thesis defense committee implements the academic avoidance system, and the graduate student's own instructor shall not be a member of the defense committee; persons with interest, such as spouses, immediate relatives, collateral relatives within three generations and close relatives, tutors and students, the Students within three terms under the guidance of the same supervisors, collaborators in the results submitted by the reviewer (participants or authors in scientific research results cannot be the respondent), etc. should be strictly avoided; other persons with interests should also be avoided as appropriate; those who have an interest should take the initiative to evade.




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