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Notice of the Mid-term Doctoral Inspection of the College of Plant Sciences in the Fall of 2020

According to the work deployment of the Graduate School, the mid-term inspection of doctoral students in the fall of 2020 will start soon. The specific matters are hereby notified as follows:

1. Assessment time

(1) Conducted in November 2020, the specific assessment time will be notified separately.

(2) Students who participate in this mid-term inspection must register through the following link https://jinshuju.net/f/PEQCLS before November 10, 2020. Only after successful registration can they participate in the mid-term assessment of this semester.

2. Object

Graduate students who have entered the doctoral training stage in 2017 and later. All registered doctoral students must participate in the mid-term assessment and complete the mid-term assessment before the end of the third academic year. Generally, doctoral students can apply for the mid-term assessment after the end of the first academic year.

3. Specific requirements

(1) The college establishes a leading group for mid-term assessment, which is composed of the college degree committee. The mid-term assessment of doctoral students is organized and implemented by various disciplines. Each discipline should establish a mid-term assessment working group for doctoral students, consisting of 5-7 doctoral supervisors (of which at least 2/3 of the experts outside the college or outside the discipline). The supervisors need to participate in the assessment process, but do not participate in the grading of the students guided by themselves.

(2) The mid-term assessment of doctoral students is composed of two parts: course performance and research ability assessment.

A. Course score (20%): converted by the weighted average of the core courses' credits;

B. Research ability (80%): assessed by the subject assessment team. Specifically including

a. Scientific research results: the evaluation method is determined by the subject assessment team independently to determine the quantitative scoring or evaluation scoring forms;

b. Experimental logbook: scoring based on the contents of the experimental logbook submitted by participating graduate students;

c. Academic activities: score according to the number of academic reports specified by the college;

d. Research summary report and interview: The report includes research summary, project design, research progress, next research plan and research results, etc. Each student’s report time is no less than 40 minutes, and the total time for questioning and replying is at least 60 minutes.

(3) The mid-term assessment results of doctoral students are divided into four levels: excellent (20%), good, qualified, and unqualified. For doctoral students above the qualified level, their course examinations and research ability scores must meet the qualified standards. Among them, doctoral students who have been rated as "excellent" can be directly selected into the "Excellent Doctoral Award Program" and receive a "Dean Scholarship" of 3,000 yuan. At the same time, they will be given priority in selecting and funding graduate students to go abroad (overseas) to participate in international academic exchange activities.

(4) One of the following conditions in the mid-term assessment of doctoral students is considered unqualified:

A. Doctoral students who violate the "Huazhong Agricultural University Academic Standards (Revision)";

B.  Failure to complete the courses specified in the doctoral training program within the specified time;

C. The progress of scientific research is seriously lagging behind or the workload of scientific research is seriously insufficient or participation in academic activities is seriously insufficient;

4. Specific procedures


Graduate students enter the graduate integrated management system, and fill in the mid-term inspection information (time, location, report topic, etc.) truthfully. After the college’s review is passed, the graduate school’s website will publish it. After the defense, the graduate students perfect the "Record Form for the Interim Inspection of Graduate Dissertations of Huazhong Agricultural University" according to expert opinions, and submit it to the college for review and seal within two weeks after the end of the interim inspection (printed on both sides of A4 paper), and send the electronic version to hzauzky @vip.163.com, if you need to submit it in the postgraduate integrated management system, we will notify you later.


Submit the paper version of "Graduate Subject Inspection Sign-in Form", "Expert Remuneration Form", and "Interim Inspection Expert Scoring Form" (X expert scoring form + 1 total sheet) to B318 of the College of Plant Science and Technology and send the electronic version of "Graduate Subject Inspection Arrangement" "Form" to the mailbox hzauzky@vip.163.com.

5. Matters needing attention

(1) Doctoral students who fail the first assessment can apply for a re-assessment after one academic year; those who fail the second assessment will be disqualified from studying for a doctoral degree. Among them, doctoral students who transfered from masters, if suitable for transfer to master's training, can be transferred to master's training in accordance with the relevant regulations of the school upon their application. If a doctoral student is unable to participate in the assessment of the current year due to reasons such as going abroad, suspension of studies, etc., the doctoral student shall apply for it, and the assessment may be postponed after approval by the college's doctoral student mid-term assessment team.

(2) Doctoral students who have disagreements with the assessment results can submit an appeal to the college's mid-term assessment work leading group within three working days after the assessment results are announced. The leading group will give a reply after verifying the situation of the doctoral student's appeal and reviewing the entire evaluation process.

(3) The email address for submitting all electronic materials is hzauzky@vip.163.com, and the electronic materials submitted by graduate students are named as major + student number + name + subject inspection, such as "Plant Pathology + 2017301110096 + Zhang San + subject inspection ".





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