“Technical Integration And Innovation of Ratooning Rice Industry” Project Promotion Meeting Was Held in HAZU


On the morning of May 23th, the 2018 Annual Promotion Meeting of Hubei Modern Agricultural Industrial Technology System, “Technology Integration And Innovation” project was held in the conference room on the fifth floor of the International Academic Exchange Center of our university. Xiao Changxi, the chief agronomist of Hubei Agriculture Department, Luo Kun, the head of Hubei Agricultural Technique Extension Station, Yang Zhaoxin, deputy director of the department of Science and Education of Hubei Agriculture Department, Professor Huang Jianliang, the chief professor of the project, and Project Advisory Expert Group with more than 40 members in the project group attended the meeting. Vice President of HZAU attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Yao Jianglin said in his speech that Industrial Technology System should serve the Rural Revitalization Strategy and carry out original study on the prosperity of rural industry and ecological livability, then promote technology integration and innovation to become industrial in order to achieve the integration in research and industry.

The chief of the project, the post experts of industry system, comprehensive experiment station and demonstration base reported on the progress of work in 2017, priorities of work in 2018, and implementation in the early stage. According to information, the implementation of the project of “Technical Integration and Innovation of Ratooning Rice Industry” promoted the development of ratooning rice grew in Hubei: the actual promotion area of ratooning rice reached 26.5 million mu in 2017; “High-yield and high-efficiency cultivating technical mode of machine-harvested ratooning rice” was listed in 100 key technologies of Agriculture Department. Hubei Province has more than 50 influential brands of ratooning rice, such as “Chunlu” and so on.

In the meanwhile, the promotion meeting also listed some key tasks of 2018, namely they should integrate some aspects, such as innovation in rice quality optimization, research in developing cultivating materialized product, piolet test of ratooning rice harvesting machine, deep processing of ratooning rice, and industrialization of ratooning rice to carry out innovation. At present, all work has been implemented and been promoted steadily.

Project Advisory Expert Group gave credit for all work of the project, and provided some suggestions about next step’s technical integration and innovation emphasis, and put forward the corresponding requirements and hopes in terms of deep integration and industrialization of the project.


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