Department of Genetics

LI Xia

Dr. Xia Li


State Key Laboratory of Agricultural Microbiology

College of Plant Science and Technology

Huazhong Agricultural University

No.1 Shizishan Road, Hongshan District

Hubei, 430070

Tel: 86-027-87856638




   1985 B. S. Biological Sciences, Hebei Normal University (HNU)         

   1991 M.S. Plant Physiology, Hebei Normal University                

2002 Ph.D. Plant Molecular Biology, Purdue University                  


   1985-1988 Instructor, Department of Biological Sciences, HNU   

   1992-1995 Lecturer, Department of Biological Sciences, HNU           

1995-1998 Visiting scholar, Horticulture Department, Purdue University, USA   

2001-2004 Scientist, Vector Tobacco Inc. USA                        

2004-2015 Professor, Principal Investigator, IGDB, CAS

2015-present professor, Huazhong Agricultural University, China      


2015 Became as a distinguished professor, Huazhong Agricultural University, China

2011 Received Natural Science Award, Hebei Province. “The physiological and molecular mechanisms of plastic development of root system in response to salt stress”.

   2011 Received ‘Outstanding Award’ in final evaluation of “Hundred Talent Program of CAS”

   2009 Won “Outstanding Teacher Prize of Zhu Li Yuehua of CAS”

   2006 Selected as a PI of the State Key Laboratory of Plant Cell and Chromosome  

Engineering (PCCE)

   2004 Selected as one of the “Hundred Talent Program of CAS”


We are interested in molecular genetics of symbiosis between legumes and nitrogen fixing bacteria with the focus on molecular mechanisms underlying soybean symbiosis and nitrogen fixation. We also have interests in plant stress molecular genetics and genetic improvement of stress tolerance of crops. Current work in our group is focused on various aspects of symbiosis including rhizobia-soybean interaction, nodule organogenesis and nitrogen fixation of mature nodules in soybean under optimal conditions and/or unfavorable conditions, such as drought, high salinity.  



  1) Molecular dynamics of rhizobial infection and release in legume cells. NSFC-DFG (Germany) Key collaborative projects, 2020-2022;

2) The mechanism of miR172/NNC1-mediated symbtioc nitrogen fixation and

plant growth in soybean. Key projects of NSFC, 2018-2022;

  3) The regulatory mechanism of plant stress tolerance and symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Key projects of MOST, 2016-2021;

  4) Systemic optimization of biological nitrogen fixation efficiency. MOST Key Research Program, 2020-2024;

  5) Functional analysis of miR156 in soybean architecture and yield. 2019-2021.

5. RECENT PUBLICATIONS (*corresponding author)

Wang LX, Sun ZX, Su C, Wang YL, Yan QQ, Chen JH, Ott T, Li X*. (2019). A GmNINa-miR172c-NNC1 regulatory network coordinates the nodulation and autoregulation of nodulation pathways in soybean. Molecular Plant 12: 1211-1226.

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Cai ZM, Wang YN, Zhu L, Tian YP, Chen L, Sun ZX, Ullah I, Li X*. (2017). GmTIR1/GmAFB3-based auxin perception regulated by miR393 modulates soybean nodulation, New Phytologist, 215: 672-686.

Cheng CH, Wang ZJ, Ren ZY, Zhi LY, Yao B, Su C, Liu L, Li X*. (2017). SCFAtPP2-B11 modulates ABA signaling by facilitating SnRK2.3 degradation in Arabidopsis thaliana. PLoS Genetics, 13: e1006947.

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Ji HT, Wang SF, Li KX, Szakonyi D, Koncz C, Li X*. (2014) PRL1 modulates root stem cell niche activity and meristem size through WOX5 and PLTs in Arabidopsis. Plant Journal 81: 399-412


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