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Practice Summary

From August 1 to August 21 ,I spend a remarkable time to study in University of Saskatchewan .I enjoyed my time with our teammate and the leader ,Rose, the instructor of our life.

The most impressive thing to me is to meet all the people in Canada. Cindy, the teacher of our language class ,is just like our mom .She always tried her best to introduce Canadian history and custom ,and she also always care about our feeling in study. Patty is another person I really thank for. She is so considerate and had good organization for the afternoon active .She always keep in touch with us and solved many troubles we faced. I learned so much and had good memories to all the programs. What’s more, Eriko and Ken also help us a lot.

What I learned from this program? I have to say I learned so much . I become more confidence to use English and thinking English, I also had a great improvement in vocabulary and speaking .Besides language learning ,I also knew many new knowledge about agriculture, the seed bank, the urban garden ,the water infrastructure, the livestock and the GMOs. Moreover, I also felt the distance between developing countries and developed countries .There are many disadvantage in China ,the traffic ,the environment ,the citizen quality and so on. Last but not least, the most benefit for me is I change some attitude to my life:

1.Be positive, I learned it from Patty. She is really busy in the day we stayed in Saskatoon, but she never say tried and she always keep smile with us .

2.Never give up. I meet a girl, she can’t play table ball well. But she doesn’t say no to anyone.

3.Be frank. Sometimes, we will have wrong positive for ourselves. In this case you ought to think over and be honest to yourself and your partner.

4.Be in group. It’s important to be in group, therefore we can share happiness and get some useful information.

5.Think over what we need, but not always compare with others

6.The world is colorful ,just look forward .It never be too late to pursue your dream.

Finally, I want to say thanks to all the teachers and professors again for create such a good opportunity.

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