HZAU-DAU Graduate Student Symposium-2019 Was Held in Huazhong Agricultural University

On November 7, HZAU-DAU Graduate Student Symposium was held in the lecture hall 103 of the Molecular Building. Prof. Byung Rae Jin,  Prof. Kwang Shik Lee and seven graduate students from Dong-A Unversity, the Deputy Minister of the International Department ,Hongxia Zeng and the Vice Dean of College of Plant Science and Technology, Prof. Chaoxi Luo, Prof. Kabin Xie from pathology teaching and research section, Prof. Qiuying Huang from the insect teaching and research section, Prof. Guo Liang from genetic teaching and research section. and nearly 100 teachers and students attended the symposium.

Hongxia Zeng gave a welcoming speech. She warmly welcomed the teachers and students of Korean Dong-A University to visit Huazhong Agricultural Unversity, and said that the two universities had a profound friendship for a long time. She hoped that the two schools would continue to deepen cooperation, strengthen in-depth cooperation in talent training and academic research and promote each other's mutual progress.

      Chaoxi Luo introduced College of Plant Science and Technology in the aspects of majors, teaching staff, the number of students, the teaching and scientific research platform, scientific research funds and the state-certified crop varieties and so on and used the field practice course photos to show the professional characteristic courses of College of Plant Science and Technology to the teachers and students.

In the symposium, Qin Tan, a graduate student in Huazhong Agricutural University, described in detail the influence of anthrax on peach seeds in humorous language. Pengfei Xu introduced the resistance of BPH. Zi Luo revealed the mechanism of genome and phenotypic variation of maize inbred lines by comprehensive transcriptional group map with the theme of "annular RNA in corn". Ph.D. student Qiaomei Yang shared the theme of "Silwet L-77 specific for enhancing direct biomass enzymatic saccharification and bioethanol conversion in Miscanthus.Yuting Zhang suggested that TT8 would affect the content of rapeseed and seed coat. Wei Liu shared the content of "Morchella is a heterogenic fungus". Tianwang Wen, who reported brown fiber cotton, looked forward to regulating the color of cotton fiber through the study of its genetic basis.

The functional protein of royal jelly was reported by Minjin Park from Department of Applied Bioscience of Dong-A University. Yijie Deng, an exchange student, revealed the effects of Cordyceps militaris and Paecilomyces japonica extracts on obesity and glucose metabolism in mice fed a high-fat diet. Seungyeup Lee introduced exploring potential of bacteriophages as biocontrol agent against bacterial wilt. Eunji Lee shared her findings around the theme "A type III effector from Pseudomonas syringae affects the immune system of Arabidopsis by UPF protein degradation". Eunsu Choi gave an report on the topic Histone acetyltransferase 1 suppress basal immune response against Pseudomonas infection in Arabidopsis. Jinyoung Kim found that ATPTAC10 transgenosis was expected to increase chloroplast content in soybean and showed her research history in the report. Sanggum Park introduced the research results of MYB transcription factor combined with increasing the yield of eugenin in Arabidopsis thaliana.

Both teachers and students also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on related academic issues.


Chaoxi Luo said that the rigorous report and the intense question-and-answer link met the original intention of the exchange, cooperation, learning from each other and making common progress between the two sides, and hoped that there would be more opportunities in the future to strengthen the exchange and cooperation of the two sides. Mr. Chen said that the exchange was of great significance to the promotion of the exchange of teachers and students in the two schools, and the teachers and students of our school were invited to go to Dong-A University for academic exchange in his speech. The two professors also issued certificates for graduate students who did the reports.

It is reported that Huazhong Agricultural University and Dong-A University signed the Comprehensive Cooperation Framework Agreement as early as 2002. Up to now, the two sides have been carrying out many academic exchange activities in accordance with the principles of "complementary advantages, sharing of resources, mutual benefit, and common development".


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