College Students Should Cultivate Scientific Research Thinking And Industry Orientation ------

Reading hard for 120 years, passing flame to the world. To celebrate the 120th anniversary of Huazhong Agricultural University, many outstanding alumni have returned to their alma mater, paying tribute. On the evening of June 1st, the 199th phase of Asking and Learning Studio Approaching Yan Dongping, an outstanding alumni was held in the lecture hall of west attached building. Yan Dongping, a 1999th grader of Agronomy, and now the Chairman of Monad Biological Technology Co. Ltd., Share his thoughts on life science research tools, the state of biotechnology industry and it’s business models with the students presented.

As a student graduated from Huazhong Agricultural University in Agronomy major in 1999,Yan Dongping said that it was a great honor to stand here and communicate with students. “I’m a student of HZAU, and I will always wish my alma mater.” Said Yan. He shared his experiences in college, saying that the experiences of long distance running and marathon made him understand that goals, actions and perseverance were prerequisites for success.

“Twenty-first Century is the century of biology and the driving force for Biotechnology in the future.” Yan Dongping narrates the future of the development of biotechnology in three aspects, the overview of biotechnology industry, the definition of scientific research tool industry and the biotech industry under the Internet thinking. He is always concerned about the development of his alma mater. “Compared with the huge investment in scientific research, the transformation rate of scientific and technological achievements in China is not very satisfactory. There is still a big gap between the developed countries and developing ones in industrialization.” When came to problems like who will transform the scientific and technological achievements, who will promote the industrialization of scientific research, Yan Dongping emphasized that only with the combination of entrepreneurs and scientists could there be better development and future. At the same time, he took Shi Yigong and Ma Yun as examples to explain that both scientists and entrepreneurs need to have the sense of innovation and creativity.

Later, Yan Dongping told students what conditions were contemporary entrepreneurs should have through his own experience. He pointed out that all entrepreneurs should be familiar with the Transparent Rules behind the successful enterprises: grasp the technology patents and intellectual property rights in the market operation, coordinate the relationship between scientists and the industrial chain, and use the industrialization thinking to make the biological industry one hundred thousand billion sectors with greatest investment potential in twenty-first Century. Besides, in order to give students a better understanding of the industrial layout of biotech company, he took the Beijing Genomics Institute, Alibaba and the Monad Biological Technology Co. Ltd., which was co - founded by himself, as examples to explain the relationship between the upstream, midstream and downstream of industries. Then he used enterprise like Fei Peng, Vazyme Biotech, which were founded by agricultural university students, to encourage students to actively involved in industrial production.

Finally, Yan Dongping introduced the relevant situation of Monad Biological Technology Co. Ltd., willing to boost college students' innovation and entrepreneurship with the alma mater.  

Character profile】Yan Dongping: the chairman of Monad Biological Technology Co. Ltd., the vice president of the East China branch of the EMBA Education Center of Wuhan University, the bachelor of plant genetics, the master of economic management, and has taken up the occupation for 20 years. In 2017, after obtaining the 142 million 500 thousand RMB investment in the Nanshan Kai Tai fund and Jointing elites, he set up the Monad Biological Technology Co. Ltd. Currently, it has three major research and development bases in Suzhou, Wuhan and Lianyungang. And it is one of the largest and highest standard enterprises in domestic life science research tool and biotechnology development.

Writer: Liu Changxing, Zhu Yongli

Photography: Wang Runchang

Editor: Zhang Guili

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