The High-efficiency Production of Rape in Our School Passed Through The Evaluation

On the morning of May 22th, the Chinese Agricultural Society organized experts evaluated the achievements of the project "R & D and Application of efficient production technology for green and light rape", which was completed by Professor Zhou Guangsheng of College of Plant Science and Technology of our University. The group of experts of evaluation was composed of Academician Guan Chunyun of Hunan Agricultural University, Academician Wang Hanzhong of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, researcher Zhao Ming of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Li Jiana of Southwest Agricultural University, researcher Zhang Xuekun of the Oil crops Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, researcher Zhang Xiufu of the Rice Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and researcher Li Yabing of the Cotton Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Yao Jianglin, vice president of our school, Wang Jijun, director of the Oil supply Department of the National Agricultural Technology extension Center, Cai Junsong, director of the Hubei rape Office and related personnel of the Institute of Science and Development of the school and the units that completed the results attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Mo Guanggang, deputy secretary-general of the Chinese Agricultural Association.

Yao Jianglin welcomed the experts from all units in his speech and thanked them for their long - standing concern and support for the scientific research. Mo Guang Gang briefly introduced the relevant processes and requirements of the evaluation of the scientific and technological achievements of China agricultural society. Then, Zhou Guangsheng reported the background, technical scheme, innovation and application of the research in detail.

After reviewing the materials, listening to reports, answering questions and discussing them to the fullest, the expert group confirmed the project and concluded that the overall achievement reached the international advanced level. The cultivation techniques of rapeseed under multiple cropping system and the slow and controlled released total nutrient fertilizer reached the international leading level.

It was reported that the project was jointly completed by 10 units, such as the College of plant science and technology, the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, the Hubei provincial rape office and so on. It had won eight patents for national inventions and one patent for utility models, published 1 work, developed and promulgated 9 local standards and published 41 papers. Besides, 5 technologies were listed as Hubei Provincial main commendatory technologies and 2 technologies were listed as main commendatory technologies of the Ministry of agriculture for 5 years continuously.

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