Alumnus Were invited to Wenxue House: Professor Luo Lijun Talked About the Bright Future of the Water-Saving and Drought-Resistant Rice


  On the evening of May 11th, one of the outstanding alumni of Agronomy major graduated in 1982, the director and chief scientist of Shanghai Agro biological Gene Center, Luo Lijun made a visit to the alumni special activity of Wenxue House in College of Plant Science and Technology. He also shared his research experience of studying the water-saving and drought-resistant rice to the students and talked about the future with them. Professor Hu Liyong and Professor Yu Sibin of College of Plant Science and Technology attended the activity as well.


               Have basic positioning, either don’t do it, or do it best

  Professor Luo Lijun stated, “Enterprises, units or even individuals, should have a basic positioning for themselves. For me, the positioning is that I either do not do it, or do it best.Shanghai Agro Biological Genes Center has a tradition of resource conservation, and then Luos team did the research based on the plant and animal gene resource, with choosing rice and drought-resistance as the two essential points. Later, he mentioned the current producing condition of high-yield rice. He pointed out that the production of high-yield rice requires not only sufficient water, but also a multitude of fertilizer and pesticides. Besides, the discharge of industrial waste water and the production of greenhouse gas caused by multi-water irrigation, such as methane made it a new hope for food security to develop a new type of water-saving and drought-resistant rice.

    It’s vital to do business in a down-to-earth manner and make your business widely applied

  Professor Luo Lijun spoke to others that up to now,his team has already studied out Indica conventional type, Huhan No.15, Japonica conventional type, Huhan No.3and other rice type. If the current business main rice was a BMW car, it is a superb car but its condition is demanding. And the water-saving and drought-resistant rice was a Jeep car, its condition is relatively less demanding, Luo Lijun said so when introducing his research results.  

  At the end of the speech, Luo had a warm interaction with students. When asked the problem of “Why the water-saving and drought-resistant rice is not grown in South regions or promoted to the whole country, Luo answered, We should make use of geographical advantages. As indica rice is eaten in South and japonica rice is eaten in North, we must take the yield and production of rice into consideration. We ought to look at the market condition, but the market need the support of science and technology. Today, our nation lacks professional talents with a good command of basic knowledge. You, as university students should not worry about your future development path. You should first learn knowledge better, and seize the opportunity when necessary.


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