Setting Sail at The Time: Zhu Zhengning Gave The Last Caucus Lesson to The Graduates


  Recently, Zhu Zhengning, secretary of the college's party committee, gave the last caucus class to all the graduates of the 2018 session in the S1 lecture hall of the third teaching building. Zhu Zhengning recalled the growth from the time when students entered the university and shared the history of the motherland and the Communist Party of China. He warned students to pay close attention to current affairs,to cherish the time, to combine personal struggle with national duty and realize personal value at work.

   Zhu Zhengning firstly shared the photos of the students when they entered school with everyone to look for themselves in the photos. They recalled the bits and pieces when they entered school and witnessed the changes of the students in the past four years. He said: "Although the university has only four years which only account for 1/20 of life, to a large extent, it determines the quality of our lives." Zhu Zhenning encouraged students to cherish college time and classmate friendship and to leave a valuable recollection of graduation.

 Zhu Zhengning told the students that the future of the world was everyone's future so that everyone should have a global vision, common understanding of human destiny and an overall national security concept. Students should meet their own future in a closely connected, multi-ethnic and multicultural world and seek the coordinate of life in a general trend of the global division of labor, sharing achievements and sharing civilization and progress. No matter where we are, we must love our country and firmly believe that the motherland is our strongest rear.

Zhu Zhenning shared with all party members of the graduates about the party building after the 18th National Congress and determination of the Party Central Committee with Xi Jinping as the core to promote all reforms seen from the grassroots. Since the promulgation of the eight regulations, the party Central Committee has caught tigers and swatted flies and carried out the anti-corruption struggle comprehensively and thoroughly. A number of corrupt elements have been brought to justice, party conduct and government work style has been comprehensively improved and the anti-corruption struggle has won an overwhelming victory. Zhu Zhengning warned all party members to set a good example. In the future, they should be clean and upright in their work and be excellent HZAU graduates.

Zhu Zhengning pointed out that party members should love the party and league members should believe in the party, firmly trust and support the party Central Committee and firmly adhere to the line, principles and policies under their feet. Students should have "four self-confidence" and put young people's youth into the "two stages" of motherland in the great struggle and write youth without regret. Zhu Zhengning also warned students that they should be confident in their work and maintain their ability to acquire knowledge; be positive and keep great ideals, ambitions and critical spirit; be diligent and regard industry as a habit and character; and cherish love, cherish life and hold nature in mind.

Finally, Zhu Zhengning sent a message to young people, "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is our youth's' Chinese Dream"! The College also carried out education and briefings on May Day and graduates' civilized departure and safety work.

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