The Acceptance Meeting of The Pilot Project of Agricultural Technology Extension Service for Rice Industry was Held in Our University Based on Provincial Scientific Research Colleges

Recently, the final acceptance meeting of the "pilot Project of Agricultural Technology extension Service of Rice Industry in Hubei Province based on Scientific Research Colleges and Universities" issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of the International academic Exchange Center of our university. Fu Changliang, deputy director of the extension Division of the Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture, Xiao Changxi, chief agronomist of Agricultural Department of Hubei province, Ouyang Shuwen, director of the Science and Education Department of Hubei Agricultural Department, Yang Chaoxin, deputy director, expert group on Project acceptance, project chief scientist Peng Shaobing and a total of more than 40 members of its team attended the meeting. Yao Jianglin, vice-president of our school and Yang Daobing, director of result’s management and promotion department of the Institute of Science and Development attended the meeting which was presided over by Ouyang Shuwen.

Yao Jianglin welcomed and thanked the leaders and experts for their arrival. He began with a brief overview of the overall situation of the project and the progress achieved since its implementation. He made recommendations on the sustainability of the project and expressed the hope that the project team would continue to carry out scientific and technological innovations and to refine accessible scientific and technological achievements. He hoped that they could sum up the experience of agricultural technological extension, take the lead in demonstration, go deep into the field and develop agricultural technological extension in the factory workshop to build a beautiful and livable village with prosperous industry.

Fu Changliang spoke on behalf of the head of the project department. He introduced the background and purpose of the project and put forward the specific requirements of "strengthening collaborative innovation, promoting demonstration and promoting the impact" to the project implementation and announced the project continuous developmental plan. He expressed that he would further support agricultural research institutes to play a role in agricultural technological extension, to further support agricultural research institutions to undertake and implement agricultural technology extension projects and to further support the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements of agricultural scientific research institutions and demonstration promotion.  

Subsequently, the acceptance meeting was chaired by Cheng Shihua who was head of the Project acceptance team. Professor Peng Shaobing, the chief scientist of the project reported on the overall progress, innovative results and achievements of the project. The sub-project leaders reported on the completion of their sub-projects. After the report, the expert group reviewed the relevant information and questioned and fully discussed the project. They agreed that the project was organized in an orderly manner and the economic and social benefits of the demonstration and application were significant. Besides, it completed the technical and economic indicators stipulated in the task book so that the project passed the acceptance successfully.

Relevant background: In order to implement the spirit of the first document of the Central Committee in 2015 and innovate the agricultural technology extension mechanism, Hubei Province carries out a pilot work of agrotechnical extension service in rice and horticulture named "pilot Project of Agricultural Technology extension Service of Rice Industry in Hubei Province based on Scientific Research Colleges and Universities" which is based on the spirit of "The notice on promoting the pilot work of Major Agricultural Technology extension Service in Scientific Research Colleges (2015)"of Ministry of Agriculture and Finance and combined with the actual situation in Hubei Province. The total cost of the project is 30 million yuan. The basic goal of the project is to promote the supporting role of agricultural science and technology to the agricultural development of Hubei Province and to increase farmers' income. The main task of the project is to promote technological innovation by demonstration of practical technological integration and to improve production capacity by demonstration of transformation of results.Through the chain of the new model of "scientific research and test base+regional de-monstration base+grass-roots extension service system+peasant household" to construct a new agricultural technological extension service system and to promote the close combination of science and technology and production, integration and demonstration, training and extension. The project was officially launched in 2015, during which 16 regional demonstration bases were set up. 61 new agricultural technological service systems with the theme of grass-roots agro-technical extension organizations and new management subjects were constructed. More than 20 million acres of radiation from the demonstration and extension of new technological achievements were established. Remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits have been achieved.

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