Student Party Members’ Statement: the past of HZAU

On the evening of April 17th, the seventh term of " Student Party Members’ Statement " was held in the lecture hall of West Building. Rong Xiulan, the former student of Plant Protection and retired member of Party Branch, Ma Pingfu, the former student of agronomy department and retired member of Party Branch, college student Party members, and more than 100 students who want to join Party participated in the activity.

Liang Xiao, the member of Party Branch and student of Plant Protection, elaborated on the theme of "Great Benefit to Agriculture". Xu Peilin, a member of Party Branch and student of Crop Science, focused on the history of the school's resistance to war. Xiao Wanling and Guo Dongling, the members of Party Branch, told us about the stories of the school adhering in Enshi and locating at Lion Mountain.

Over the years, the two teachers, Rong Xiulan and Ma Pingfu, recalled the hardship years of HZAU. Rong Xiulan firstly told us about the development of the school. Ma Pingfu told us about the integration of classroom learning and production practice.

At the end of the statement, Guo Dongling, a student Party member, gave an initiative on behalf of the student Party members of Plant Science and Technology College. She called on everyone to become a deep student Party member.

Xu Xiao, a student Party member who participated in the activity, said, "Through the sharing of teachers and students, I feel the hardships of developing the school. We should cherish the school which was developed by the seniors who had worked hard with their hands. And most importantly, we should inherit the spirit of the seniors and the school to become a great party member.

Writer: Zhang Mengmeng   Shi Siqian

Photographer: Lv Xinyao

Auditor: Zhang Guili


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