As a Gift to 120th Celebration, Mushroom Industry Benefits People and Health

On the afternoon of April 20th, the opening ceremony of the "Yuguo Shiitake Scholarship" award ceremony and the "Lion Mountain Mushroom Science and Technology Festival" was held in the lecture hall on the first floor of the International Academic Exchange Center of our school.

In the beginning, the vice president of Plant Science and Technology college, Luo Chaoxi announced the recognition decision. Company representatives Lei Yuguo, Yang Yixiu, Lei Yuanzheng and Tian Feng came to the stage in succession to award winners of Yuguo Shiitake Scholarship. Dr. Wang Gangzheng, who is a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, on behalf of the scholarship winners, expressed that he would forge ahead with determination and work harder in the future, and he said he would live up to the expectation given by our school and society.

Later, Lei Yuguo, the chairman of Yuguo Mushroom Industry Co., Ltd, delivered a speech. Firstly, he congratulated the students, who are this year’s group of scholarship winners.

Then, he mentioned, “In the past, Professor Yang Xinmei, did experiments repeatedly in Sanligang Town, Suizhou City. His perseverance, just like the willpower of Shennong, who had tasted hundreds of herds, helped him explore the shiitake’s bag planting pattern, which lays the foundation for the development of modern shiitake industry development. Nowadays, Yuguo Mushroom Industry, by the in-depth school-enterprise cooperation with Huazhong Agricultural University, has formed a set of industry-leading production models and technical systems. Twenty years of wind and rain, the profound feelings between HZAU and us are precious. We sincerely wish 120-year-old HZAU better and better.”

 The Secretary of the party committee of Plant Science and Technology college, Zhu Zhengning, on behalf of our school expressed thanks to Yuguo Mushroom Industry.

At the opening ceremony of Lion Mountain Technology and Culture Festival, Professor Bian Yinbing gave an introduction to the related issues of the festival. And Wang Congyan, who is one of the standing committee members of the university party committee, the principal assistant as well as the school office director, representing our school, expressed sincere gratitude to Wuhan Yuhua Xinmei Mushroom Industry Co., Ltd. and Lei Yuguo, the president of Hubei Yuguo Mushroom Industry Co., Ltd. He also introduced a series of the school’s success which has been achieved in 120 years. That is about discipline construction, personnel development, scientific research and so forth. Finally he announced the opening of the Culture Festival.

The three-day Lion Mountain Mushroom Science and Technology Culture Festival kicked off with Professor Bian Yinbing’s science knowledge lecture about Mushroom and Human Life. In the following two days, there will be a lot of activities, such as a visit to the modern mushroom company, a public information exhibition about mushroom science, a survey and collection of wild mushrooms on Lion Mountain, wild mushrooms experimental site identification and other series of activities.

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